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Short People......

Date:     May 28th 2015

Title:      Short people….

2 Months ago I went on a shoot trip with several photographers to Antwerp. Our goal was to shoot the acient citycentre, the central station and the new MAS museum. As you see this picture was taken in the big entryhall of the central station. I was walking on the first Floor taking this shot from one of the corners of the building. A couple of days later, editing the results, I descided that this shot was perfect for tiltshift edit. There are a couple of ways to make a tiltshift image, the first is to use a very expensive tiltshift lens, the second is to ad gear like lensbaby, the third is to do it in afterediting. In this picture I tried radial editing by putting an elips over the image sharpening everything within and put an heavy blur on everything outside. Printing it in Black and white strengthend the tiny effect.

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a touch of Ruysdael

Date:       May 27th 2015

Title:       A touch of Ruysdael


I made this picture mid February of this year. Driving home from a shoot in Roermond. I was driving along the banks of the river Maas. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was dissapearing for big rain clouds came rolling in. When I arrived at the village of Asselt, I jumped out of my car and took some shots of this little midieval church. Just on that moment the last sunray was striking the church the horse and the meadow in front. When I loaded the pics down on my computer the colorsetting reminded me of Jacob van Ruysdael a famous 17th century Dutch painter. Look up his Castle of Bentheim painting and compare the colors. I send in this picture at several chalanges and it won several prices. It was given the "oustanding creativity award" and the title: "absolute masterpiece"....I just took a picture !

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Roots hunting

Date:   May 26th 2015

Title:    Roots hunting

Today I visited the Cloistergardens in Steijl on the banks of the river Maas. Steijl is  also nicknamed "the cloistervillage". Due to the anti christian policy of Bismarck in Germany in the 19th century, a lot of german cloisters where build just across the dutch border. Steijl has 5 of these former cloisters. Only three of them are still in use. This picture is taken from a cloister that is now rebuild as luxury appartments. My mother was evacuated in the last winter of the second world war and spend a winter in this cloister. The stories she told about this period are still clear in my memorie.

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Where time stood still
Nord Rhein Westfalen

Date:      May 25th 2015

Title:       Where time stood still


Today I went for a drive across the border, hunting for shooting locations. I was looking for agricultural settings. Sunny day, deep blue sky, late in the afternoon perfect light conditions, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I descided to go back to a shot I took 3 years ago, and is hanging king size in my living room in HDR edit. So I re-did this shot in better light conditions today and descided to print it in Black & White with a bleu light filter. This 16th century house in this midieval setting, located behind the church, with its bend roof, the old wall, the bright wite front and the long shadows make it special to me.

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Mice exterminator

Date:   May 24th 2015

Title:    Mice exterminator.


This picture was taken in the fall of 2014 when I visited the open air museumparc in Grefrath Germany. Strolling between the old rebuild farms I spotted this little kitty which was hunting for mice. It gave an extra dimension to this farm I was visiting on the moment. This cat didn’t know it was on a museumfarm, it was just looking for mice. By doing that it added a lifelike surrounding to a museum object. At home looking over the pics I took i found the composition refreshing. No afterediting needed.

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Old streetf of Gent

Date    May 23rd 2015

Title:   Old streets of Gent


This picture was taken a few years ago, driving home from a visit of  Ypres Salient, me and my daughter made a quick stop in Gent. Walking through the old city I saw this old man with his walking stick walking very slowly throught this midieval street. When I looked at my pictures on the computer at home I noticed that the street was reconstructed which gives the picture an even older accent. The pose of the old man is perfect, you can see that he is struggeling. It gives the picture a sad undertone accomplished with the old houses and the reconstructed road it somehow gives me the blues.

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Whisky in the Jar

Date:    May 22nd 2015

Title:     There's whiskey in the jar


Strumming through my archive I found this pic of the hardliquor distillery Kingfisher in Arcen. These oak barrels are stored in the attic of a 15th century watermill. I just love to photograph old wooden objects so these two barrels and the attic surroundings seemed to be a perfect composition. By the way the content of these two barrels is that each contains 224,5 liters of Dutch brewed whisky. Maybe in Scotland some people sleep not well tonight.

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Not Hungry

Day:    May 21th  2015

Title:   Not hungry

Playing with some DSLR settings I shot this picture of my cat Tiger. As you can see He wasn't hungry at the time, because he's in slow mode. Tiger has only two modes, Cute & Slow. Afterediting done by Silver Efex 2.0

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Maasboulevard Venlo

Day:      May 20th 2015

Title:     Wetlands

The actual picture I took in autumn 2013 as the banks on the river Maas where redesigned. I Wanted to take a low angle shot from the banks on the Blerick side. I Had to struggle through lots of mud to reach this point. With growing editing I browsed my archive for pictures to re-edit. So this is the may 2015 result. 

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If you look through the eyes of a child, you can find her everywhere

Date:   May 19th 2015

Title:    Nimué

Re editing sometimes brings little miracles. The shot I took from the dandelion earlier this week was used as a single layar with a Elfiashot from 2013. Colors and composition matched perfectly.

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Date:   May 18th 2015

Title:    Lunchbrake

Driving home after of shoot in the Catlegardens, I came across this working area on the banks of the river Maas in the village called Lomm. I stopped to take some picture. Lateron during the afteredit I tried radial editing, the effect is that it seems that the trucks and the shuffle are caught in one sunbeam that broke through the clouds. I like it much better then adding vignets tot the picture.

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Need for speed

Day:    May 17th 2015

Title:   Need for speed

Around noon I arrive at the new bikesportparc which is opened today, this event is celebrated with lots of bike and skeeler matches. When I arrive there is a derbymatch going on. I take of the lenscap and without adjusting my DSLR settings I start shooting in automode with high shutterspeed. Because my nikon thinks that the lightconditions are poor the flashlight pops up. Would I have had the setting done manualy I would never have chosen for flash. Seeing the result I am verry satisfied the pop up flash gave this picture a nice light fill in. So let's call it a nice photographing accident.

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When the night falls
Venlo Innovatower

Day:    May 16th 2015

Title     When the night falls

Every Photograph knows these nights where you endlessly wait for the right light conditions endlessly changing ISO apperature en shutterspeed to come close to the pictyure you have in your head. Yesterday nothing seemed to go right. Back home again I combined 2 layers in Lightroom and suddenly there it is !!

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Life longing for itself

Day:    May 15th 2015

Title:   Life longing for itself


May is the best month to see nature revitalize. I just love to see how all the young sprouts face the spring. This is not a macro image it's been taken with a 18 mm lens in the eveninglight. The title comes from a poëm of Kahlil Gibran.

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Let us pray

Day:  May 14th 2015

Title: Let us pray

Today I went for a german farmersbreakfast with my daughter to a village of pilgrimage called Kevelaer in the German county NRW. Here christianity still blossoms. Pilgrims from all over Germany, Begium and the Netherlands visit this place. The contrast with Well, where we found a chapel in complete decay, can't be bigger. being allways triggerhappy my DSLR close by my side. Today: ascencion day and the beginning of the fair made it crowded.

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Lushious Green

Date: May 13th 2015

Title:  Lushious Green


I actually shot this pic yesterday visiting the infocentre at Reimersmeer in Well, The Netherlands. This state of the art infocentre hanging in an old lock with excelent catering and a terrace with wonderfull view over the Reimersmeer. Climbing out of the lock at level zero, I had this wonderfull sight sunshine full ahead made the green leaves lighten even more. The title I stole from a Luka Bloom song. This picture was send in for the light photochallenge.

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Where the streets still have names

Date:     May 12th 2015

Title:      Where the streets still have names

Today I visited the little village Well on the banks of the river Maas. This mideval village breaths out the past. In this wonderfull blossoming May this street looked wonderfull to me. The man gardening in the right was glad to tell us his view on the little village.

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Lost & Lonely citylife

Date: May 11th 2015

Title: Lost & Lonely citylife  


This monday evening I made a citywalk and as useuall taking my DSLR along. Earlier that day the postman rang twice delivering my new Hoya 72 IR filter.

This little square about 500 meters from my house in the late evening sun was the first opportunity to try it out. Infra red has this weird effect on photo's specialy when you work in black and white modus, that it turns som colors round. Unfortunatly there were not enough clouds because IR also has this drama effect on clouds.