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Streets of Gent
Streets of Gent

Date:  June 9th 2015

Title:   Streets of Gent


Today I post a picture that I took 4 years ago, visiting the city of Gent in Belgium. Together with my daughter We took a quick stop in the city on our way back home from our summer holiday. This picture was one of the first I took that can be classified as streetphotography, an artform that I came to like since then and develloped my skills to make this kind of pictures. I also post this picture today because this summer I will visist Gent again and I'm looking foreward to the nice shootpossibilities.

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Olaf & Patricia
Olaf & Patricia

Date:  June 8th 2015

Title:   Olaf & Patricia


Today I ended a project by delivering the results to the fresh wedded couple.  I learned a lot from my first weddingshoot. Thank god for the few sunbeams at the right moment to give the shoot the magical colours it deserved. I never knew how many choises you have to make to complete a severe project and underestimated the time editing but I'm very satisfied with the result and thank god also the newly wed couple.

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Date:    June 7th 2015

Title:     Butterfahrt

Today I went for a stroll trough the city with my daughter, taking my fuji X10 systemcam. My daughter spotted this german waiting for his wife outside the fashionshop. When I take the Fuji with me, hipshot is a possebility. Without noticing I can take pictures avoiding angry eyes.

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Il est cinq heures Mestreech s'éveille

Date:   June 6th 2015

Title:    Il est cinq heures Mestreech s'éveille

Maastricht is the capital city of the province Limburg in which I am living. It's not only the city as far south as you can get in the Netherlands, it's also close to the Belgium and the German borders. Therefore the atmosphere of the city is unlike any other city in the Netherlands, French influence can be found in every corner of the old city. Lot's of tourists visit Maastricht throughout the year but most of them visit the churches, the big squares and the shoppingzone. If you have time enough, go for a stroll along the remains of the old citywalls, and you will find magical spots. This pic is one of these spots that gives an unlike dutch scene.

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As I watch the sun go down, watching the world fade away

Date:   June 5th 2015

Title:    As I watch the sun go down, watching the world fade away.


The pic of yesterday was shot at the same location. We were on a Lightpanting shoot waiting for the right light conditions for the action to start. I spotted the right location, put out my tripod ans then start fumbling around with my apperture, shutterspeed and Iso to prepare for the shoot. With far too much light I took this try out. Only today looking over my archive I discovered the beauty of this shot. You see a closed Lock in which a restaurant was buildt hanging over the water. We were waiting for the sun to go down, that again reminded me of a Jimmy Sommerville song, he wrote in the late 80ies for a friend that was suffering from HIV.


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Great balls of fire

Date:  June 4th 2015

Title:  Great balls of fire


Today I went on a shooting trip with 2 photographes and we tried some lightpainting playng with fire and the changing lightconditions. Shooting for over 2 hours waiting for perfect lightconditions usualy results in one perfect shot. I'm most satisfied with the one printed here. Thanks to René and his patience and fearless action I could make this wonderfull shot without getting hurt or burned.

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Clash of aera's

Date:   June 3rd  2015

Title:    Clash of Aera's

This picture was taken in 2010 visiting Duisburg together with my daughter. I was the day before the loveparade took it's tole in Duisburg. I was still shooting in Jpeg mode with my 8MP Fuji Fd5600s which explaines the noise in the picture. I put it here today because from one angle I combine 3 time elements in the shot. There is the over 200 year old churchtower, the post worldwar Townhalltower and the new age roof of a flowershop. Nice contrast in time !!

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Past reflected
Duisburg LSP Nord

Date:   June 2nd 2015

Title:    Past reflected

I shot this picture in the fall of 2014 when I visited one of the remains of industrial golden aera that are so well preserved in the German Ruhrgebied.

After a first visit to the Zeche Zollverein in the town of Essen I visisted LSP Nord in Duisburg. This former Meltovens are transformed in a parc that reminds visitors about the heavy duty past, but also gives me the opportunity to take quite exceptional shots

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Date:   June 1st  2015

Title:    Light at the end of the tunnel

I shot this pic in March this year in the pedestriantunnel beneath the Schelde in Antwerp. I post it here today because it shows that with several editing layars you can create a new reality. The low angle, combined with a light Tiltshift and a radial lightning effect create an image with a mystical view in a tiny world. The picture won several prices and is now at an exhibition in Belgium.

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It's a DjaaaaaaaaaaGGGG
Bruiloft Venlo

Date:   May 31  2015

Title:    It's a Djaaaagg


No time for shooting today, editing, editing and editing filled many hours today, and still many hours to come. Selecting, sharpening, brightening, cropping etc etc etc. But I'm satisfied with the result so far. Thank god for sending us sunbeams on the one and a half hour during pre wedding shoot. You can edit till the end of time but sunlight does it allways

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just married
just married

Date:    May 30th 2015

Title:    Just Married


Once in a while you have to do things for the first time in your life. Today I did my first wedding shoot. I had to learn lots of things in a very short period of time. I'm satisfied and looking forward to editing the next days.

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I'm just waiting on a friend
Hipshot Venlo

Date     May 29th 2015

Title:    I'm just waiting on a friend


I shot this picture yesterday with my Fuji X10 systemcam using hipshot. The lady works in a fastfoodstore and is over 80 years old and therefor the oldest working lady in Venlo. In an interview she was asked if she was thinking of stopping her work. She answered powerfull that she hoped to drop dead behind the cashgregister. She also invented a new snack which is called "frietei" very popular for over 40 years with all the Germans that like to shop in Venlo.


Allthough a lot of critics don't like the hidden hipshot technique, let me remember them that much better photographes than I am use this technique frequently. I prefer black & white when I do streetphotography and made a special website for this kind of work which you can find on : hipshot Venlo Afteredit done in Lightroom 5.6 and Silver efex pro 2.0.