Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website visitor, feel free to look around. My name is Hans and I live and work in Venlo a place close to the German border in the Netherlands. Allthough I often work as a free lance photographer, I still consider it as my pasionate hobby. I started over 40 years ago with my own little dark room and of course digital photography made my work a lot easier but also required new skills.


To update my skills I followed a professional course in 2013/14 and it certainly helped me to learn a lot only looking to work made by fellow students. On my website you'll find a wide range of photography. nightphotography, portrait, black and white, street, product, urbex and the older I get the more nature. 


My gear are serveral cams Nikon D80, D90 and D7100 as Fully DSLR camera's a Fuji X10 as systemcam, and last summer I added a Lumix FZ1000 to my gear not because of the cam-specs but the Leica lens is amazing. My latest cam is a Fuji X-T 3 "god I love this cam !" I just can't help it I keep buying cams. Last week I bought the Fuji X-T10 as a backup for my Fujinon glass. So feel free to look around and contact me if you want to comment.


None of the pictures on this website may be used without permission, they are protected by the dutch publishing law. For those that like to ignore that I would like to add that I went to court several times for abuse and won every time.


If you want a quick tour, use the videos on the bottom of this page. Don't forget putting it on full screen mode & turn on the sound ! Enjoy




November 2019